The Fate of the First, or, Lying Lips

Welcome to your new home Belladonna. I know it's not much, but it's got walls, and a roof, and windows, and it's not box-shaped!

Well, I see red windows. That's not bad at all. Let's go inside and see whether I like that as much as the outside.
Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea...

What are you so excited about?
It's pink!
I love pink! It's the prettiest color ever.
Okay...well, looks like your neighbors are here! You should go say hi.

And it would be all people you can't touch. Oh well, might as well make friends. You'll need them to get to the top in Law Enforcement.
What do you mean, I can't touch?
Uh...well, you want a family and all, right?
Well, you can't touch Lola or Irfan because they're already married, and Gilbert is...involved.
Oh pooh. But wait a minute, who is Tall, Blonde and Handsome walking by my door?
Note to self: If ever you want Gilbert dead, have him dye his hair back.

I invited him in for my paltry dinner of bologna sandwiches. I was so embarrassed, but I never learned to cook.
Don't feel bad Belladonna, I can't cook either. By the way, can I call you Bella? Your full name is a mouthful.

Miss, I just happened to walk by, and I had to stop and say that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
Oh my, thank you.
Who's that?
I don't know, but he complimented me, so he's a man with good eyes.

I think Douglas is totally hot.
So that's who Tall, Blonde and Handsome is.
I don't know though, Alan is really cute too.
You just like blondes. Geez, if Gilbert was blonde, you'd be fawning over him too.
I don't think so. I have better standards than that! Those shoes of his are just disgusting.
And Alan's entire outfit?
Can be changed. Or just stripped off and burned.

Okay, "Those who cannot do, teach." I cannot teach.
But Bella, you're so close!
No, I want to be in the police.

Hello Belladonna, I'm glad you finally accepted my offer for a date.
Well, you wouldn't stop asking.
So to finally get him to stop calling...

Belladonna Nightshade, I think I'm in love with you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold your horses dude!
Ask him how much he has.
Just ask!

And he's flat broke. Oh no, that's not going to work. Bella, you still have Alan's number?

I think I can fall in love with you too.
*through clenched teeth* Ignoring you.
You'll regret that.

Douglas Wilkie, marry me.
I thought you'd never ask!
I think I'm going to be sick.
Yes, yes, of course I'll marry you.
Right now?
Uh, ok.
Belladonna, one look at you and I knew that you were the one for me. I want to grow old with you and shower you in gifts befitting a queen.
Oh, Douglas, there's so much I want to say, but all I can say is, *giggle* I love you to death!
And his fate is sealed with a kiss.
$575?! God, you're even broker than I thought.

Now that we're Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie, I have a proposition for you.
Now there's a good idea...
Belladonna, make me a father.

I gotta find a real job. This Team Mascot thing is not working.
Oh yeah, before I forget...

Douglas Wilkie (aka Mr. Flat Broke)
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Become Chief of Staff

And the rest really doesn't matter, because he'll probably be dead before the week is out. But I need something to justify it with Bella. Hmm... well, while I plot his demise, let's check the backpack. He might be another Kennedy Cox.

Holy moly! Uh, Bella, I think you can get that kitten now.
Yay! He's so small. I think I'll call him Neve.
Why that?
It's Spanish for snow. And he looks like a little snowball.

Is that... Ha! Gotcha!

Oh Belladonna, you got promoted, wonderful. Douglas is not really a blonde!
He's not?
Nope, he's really a redhead. Check out his stubble when you go to sleep.
Oh, he has stubble? That's so sexy.
Red stubble, Belladonna. Remember that.
*sigh* And you're pregnant. Wait, this may be a good thing. *checks wants panel* Yes, this is good. Go to sleep, Bella. You'll need your rest.

Oh cool, a pool.
Bye-bye buddy boy.
Okay, I'm really tired, and I can't get out! Bella, I need help!
Oh be quiet! She's asleep! And carrying your child! Show some appreciation and just die quietly!You know this drowning looks really suspicious. I mean, what kind of idiot would jump into a pool without a ladder to climb back out of?
*points to pool* That one.Whatever. Come and take him away.And you are officially a widow, Bella. Sorry, but it had to be done. Bella? Bella? Oh you poor, poor woman.Still sleeping? Very good. Let's get rid of this. Pleasant dreams, Bella.
Oh my God, he's dead!
Oh boy, I see that you can't stay in here and stay sane. It's time to get you a new place.

Next time: Bella's new place! The next husband! Baby Nightshade-I mean, Wilkie! Ugh... And yet another baby will be on its way!

Rules and Introduction

Hi all. Yeah, it's me, Fini, with yet another (somewhat) short project. At least I was smart enough to put off Prosperity. Anyway, welcome to the I Love You to Death Challenge. It's the soft-core version of the Black Widow Challenge, especially since I couldn't deal with only $1500, considering how much I like foundations and having to tear down the house and start over was something I had to do in Legacy. It was NOT fun. Anyway, everyone seems to be pretty ingrained into the Black Widow Challenge, so I'll start by giving the run-down.

As posted by VioletKitty and Trixie Town:

Looking for Mr. Right? What do you do with all the Mr. Wrongs? Or Ms. Wrongs?
Your challenge:
Make a Sim in CAS, male or female, any looks, any aspiration, any personality, any sized family. Although we suggest just one or two Sims.
Move this Sim onto any sized lot in any neighborhood. We suggest you make a new neighborhood, but it is not required.
No cheats, No hacks, NO ELIXIR.
Take your Sim and have him or her MARRY as many Townie or NPC Sims as he/she can in his/her lifetime. (what a great way to get rid of Amin)
"WHAT?" you say! You can only be married to one Sim at a time! Of course, that is where the fun comes in.
Kill off your spouses in as many different ways as you can, each type of death is given a point value based on how difficult it is to arrange that type of death.
The scoring goes like this:
  • Drowning - 1 point (done)
  • Old Age - 2 points
  • Old Age in Platinum - 3 points
  • Flies - 4 points
  • Fire - 5 points
  • Scared to Death - 6 points
  • Starvation - 7 points (done)
  • Electrocution - 8 points
  • Disease - 9 points
  • Satellite - 10 points

Bonus of 25 extra points if you get all 10 different deaths.

The game runs from the first day of Adult (remember, CAS Sims only) to the death of your Black Widow(er). Remember, you have to have someone else in the house at the time of death or the whole lot goes inactive and you lose your album. So either adopt a Sim, or allow the final spouse to survive.
You MUST have pictures of all Marriages AND deaths. The tombstones become glitchy, and might vanish, so your pictures will be your only proof. BUT, you cannot get rid of your tombstones on purpose.
Of course, you can take any other pictures you want, and make a very touching story, perhaps how your Sim was searching for Ms. Right, and found her in the end, only to die of old age (leaving a huge cash legacy for the other household occupant(s))

Nice and simple. Of course this wasn't updated for Open for Business, I mean Nightlife, okay University, so there are many more ways to kill a Sim. So I'll start with the basic 10 deaths and work from there.

Now for the fun part, for me: introductions!

Uh, yeah, she came along before I decided not to do Black Widow. Oh well.
Official introduction:

Belladonna Nightshade
Aspiration: Family (I randomly rolled for it, I swear)
LTW: Become Captain Hero (good luck)
Aquarius: 6 neat, 3 shy, 4 lazy, 7 playful, 5 grouchy (rolled for that too)
Turn-ons/Turn-off: blonde hair, facial hair/stink

Belladonna is from a place where the sun obviously doesn't shine very often. Either that or she never got out much. Being the daughter of a night walker sucks. She wants to be the good mother she never had. And fight crime, and stuff. Well, the babies require a husband, wouldn't they? So let's get out there and start searching for victims-err, I mean matches.