The Fate of the Second, or, Watch Out for Mr. Noodle

We're back at Bella's place to see if this week will yield her her one true love. Not with me at the controls. *evil grin*

Feeling better, Bella?

I'm feeling very pregnant. Does that count as better?
I dunno. I've never been pregnant.
Then let me volunteer an answer. No!
Touchy. You'll be delivering any day now.

And one faceplant and day later,
Uh, hello up there? I think something's exploding inside my stomach.

Actually, that would be baby Wilkie. What did I tell you about not being long?
Shut up!

Thank God, it looks just like you.
It is a she.
I didn't know. So what's her name?
Are your family just known for their tongue-twisting names?
I can't say that without getting tongue tied. What's that mean anyway?
It's another word for foxglove.
Oh keeping the poison theme, are we?
Nevermind. I'll be calling her Digi, for the record.
I don't like it, but you're my benefactor. I won't bite the hand that feeds me.
Most of the time. I wish Brittany Noelle had your attitude.

Good morning Bella. You're getting a makeover.
Because that dress should smell like Wilkie by now and it needs to be dry-cleaned.
But it reminds me of my dead husband.
Exactly. You need to move on.

Like it?
Well, it could be worse.
It'll work for now. Hey, where are my earrings?
Got rid of them. Too formal for your new outfit.
Yet you kept the necklace.
Uh, yeah...

Bella? Where'd you go? We need to call Alan.
*whirring sounds*
Oh, you found the dance sphere?

I think I wanna get off now.
No way, you get Body from this.

Very good, Bella. You can get thrown from it now.
I feel dizzy.

You're fit. And hotter than ever!
I sure am! Thanks for the wild ride, then.

Now go call Mr. Turner.
Do you believe in love after love?
Now remember, we're a lonely working mother. No Desperate Housewives stuff, or we might scare him off.

Bella! I said specifically no Desperate Housewives stuff!

Uh, hi? *nervous grin*
Hello! Well, that was unexpected.
Sorry about that.
Actually, I'm rather happy about it. You're an amazing woman, Belladonna. I regret I didn't get you first.
Don't you dare say it, Bella.
Say what?
Anything along the lines of "Now's your chance."
How'd you know that's what I was thinking?
I was thinking it too.

Well, I want to be in love again. Right now, with him.
Wow, he wants to fall in love with you too. Maybe he really has wanted you from day one. Douglas was more persistent/annoying, though. Even though he does follow you around like a lost puppy. That's what I'll call him. Puppy.

Now that that's taken care of, he wants a make out kiss. Well, get going.
Aren't you the one that said "no Desperate Housewives stuff"?
You didn't listen before, so it doesn't really matter. Besides, he said he likes it.

Wow, that cat behind you looks mad.
Oh Neve, he's just jealous.
That's Neve?
Yep, he's a full-grown cat now.
No longer a snowball.
I noticed. Oh well, it's set in stone now.

Where'd that woman run off to now?
*hears noises upstairs*
More Desperate Housewives stuff.

Congratulations Mr. Turner, you are now a man.
I noticed that too.
What are you doing up?
My daughter is crying. Can't you hear her?
Not really, but you are going to take care of her, right?
Of course.

A change, feed and burp later:
I'd love to marry you Bella, but Douglas disappeared so suddenly, I'd like to see his ghost to be sure he's dead.
Sorry bud, you missed that. That was last night.
And he screamed, cracked his knuckles, and watched sports all night. It was just like he was alive.
(A/N: My first haunting! *girlish squealing*)

Bella, he's not going to take the initiative. You do it.
Alan Turner, this ring has your name on it.
It shines so brightly.
I'll do it, I'll marry you.
I think that ring has magical properties. I'll do some research.

This is so exciting! I can call all my family and-
No time. We have to tie the knot now, or Bella's gonna pass out.
Alright. Belladonna, I fell in love with you the moment I met you. My only regret is that I didn't reveal my feelings sooner. I will spend the rest of my life making that up to you. I promise to love you, and cherish you, and not lie to you like that other man as long as we both shall live.
That won't be long.
Alan, I can't wait to be Mrs. Turner. I love you to death.
And his fate is officially sealed.

Alan Turner (aka Puppy)
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind
Too bad, I kinda like you, Puppy.

Belladonna, while I am fully capable of raising and loving Digitalis as my daughter, I would like a child of my own.
*smirk* That can be arranged.
His last wish is for a child? I can go for that.
Why do you keep implying he's going to die?
You have to admit that Douglas's death was suspicious. Drowned without a pool?
I had nothing to do with it, and you know it. I was asleep.
I know, but still...

By the way, it worked. Puppy will leave a little puppy to remember him by.

Hello baby Digi. It's time for you to be fed. Don't worry, me and your mother will take good care of you.
Oh dear, he's good with kids. Darn it, I think I'm going to miss Puppy.

That darn cat! Stop it, that couch's worth a lot more than you!

Good morning, Bella. Feeling a bit Fortune-like, are we?
I'm just tired of being a Cadet. All my classmates have graduated while I was at home being pregnant. I still want to be a Captain Hero one day.
I know. Why couldn't the patch have rerolled your LTW, I wonder?
Nothing. Kiss Puppy-I mean your husband goodbye.
He was going on about being hungry, so I just let him look for some food while I went to work. I'd be late if I went back now.
Whatever. You might regret that.

This hat looks great on me! I feel great.
Good, because you won't feel great soon.
I'm very hungry.
Go into the little room across the bridge from the house. I think I smell hot dogs.
*runs off*
There's nothing here, and I'm still very hungry.
Oh, I guess I was mistaken. Then you should head back to the kitchen.
The door's locked.
Really? This is a problem now isn't it? *snickers behind hand*
I've really gotta pee too.
Well there's no bathroom over here, so I can't help you.
I don't think that's good for him. But it is for me! Death by starvation, here I come!
Who are you calling?
A nanny. Digi's gonna need care until Belladonna comes home and lets me out.
Even near death, he thinks of the baby. Oh no, I can't cry, I have to get used to this.

And he bites the dust.
You know, he's not on today's list.
Well, he's dead. You have to do something with him.
Death by Noodlesoother Hat.
Yeah, I know Sims here never use that thing.
Seems like the doors were locked.
From the outside.
I know, but the nanny is clueless, and she's the only one that's big enough to lock the doors.
Yeah, it's the Nightshade house.
No, she's not home, and the time of death is too late for her to have done it.
I still can't explain the drowning thing.
Got it.

Okay, come get him out of here.
Lesson: I've never used the Noodlesoother Hat before. Don't start now.

Um, Bella...
I know. I'm on the police force. The only reason I'm not in jail is because it was obvious that I was graduating from the police academy when he died. I had my cry after the ceremony when they told me. I've heard you can bring Sims back from the dead...
No way for you to do it. You have to go to University to be able to get into the Paranormal career track, where you can get the Resurrect-o-Nomitron.
Hmm, Digitalis can go to University...

Next time, baby Turner! Digi gets bigger! Husband number three! And I decide whether to keep that darn cat!