The Fate of the Third, or, Why Won't You Die?

Hello everyone. For those of you who have seen the last three updates for Wellington Women, you'll notice that Digi is a lot older than she's supposed to be. So, yeah. I've ended up playing differently than I blog. In this post, you'll see Digi grow up to her proper age, and see how Bella got her new look.

On with the update!

It was a dark and stormy night... Okay, it wasn't stormy, and every night is dark, and I guess the place wasn't dark since there were porch lamps outside... Okay, I suck at telling ghost stories, so I'll stop now.

So where were we? Oh yeah, Bella was mourning the loss of Puppy, and it's about time for Digi to grow up.
Since I'm not a total taskmaster, I'll let you rest a bit and spend some time with your daughter.

Well, you'll have to excuse me for not jumping for joy at being allowed to do something I have full rights to do as a mother.
Hey, not all mothers are allowed to see their children. Jane is a perfect example.
What are you talking about? Did something happen with her and Danny?
Oh yeah, not quite there yet. Forget I said anything. Speaking of Jane, I think I see her.

Hello darling. How far along are you now?
Oh, it'll be any day now.
Think it'll be another boy?
*laughs* Are you already scouting out prospects for your little girl? I already have one boy. I'm actually hoping for a girl this time.
Don't worry Jane. It is.
Miss Fini? You're here too?
Hello? Sim god? Forgot that? And Brennan, this isn't really your scene. Why don't you head over to Cold Issue. I hear Nicole's on duty tonight.

I'm glad you all could come. This is a special day for me and all.

Happy birthday Digi!
And that is the most appropriate time for that to happen.

Whoa Bella, where are you going?
You're sounding like Jane's husband. That's not good.
What? I'm out bettering society.
Well, I definitely can't argue with that. But you can't leave Digi by herself.
I asked the nanny to stay till I got back.

Awww... your mother should so be here to see this. And before I forget, little Digi is a Virgo. So saying that she has maxed neat points shouldn't be surprising. She's also maxed on nice points. 9 active points, 1 outgoing point and 3 playful points round her off. So we've got a neat freak who's painfully shy, extremely active, quite serious and nice to a fault. Not bad for her first child.

Congrats Bella. Will that keep you happy for a while? We've got work to do.
Yep. Again. And there's Digi to teach.

Wow, you got started quick.
Well, the quicker I teach her the basics, the more I can sleep. Jane told me that. Once you teach a toddler to walk, talk and potty, all you have to do is get them something to keep them busy while you sleep.
Hmm. I'll have to do something for Jane for sharing that with you.

Not again! That's it. Bye bye kitty.

Sorry Bella, but that cat won't use the scratching post.

No, I want him back!
Oh get over it. I don't think your new man would like to see you with mascara running down your face.
New man?
Well, that didn't last long.

I've heard that you've been having man problems, dearie. I can give you a potion that will make you irresistible to any man.
I'll take it!
I need money first, dearie.
You're supposed to be giving her a new man, not milking her for cash.
Fine. I can summon you your perfect match, for a price.
How's $4000?

I like you. You know the worth of my services, unlike that Wellington girl.

Mists of magic, part and summon to me the perfect match of this Belladonna Nightshade Wilkie Turner.
This is so exciting!

He has arrived.
The mailman? I didn't have to pay for that.
Hmmm, I wonder...
No dearie, he's over there.

Oooh, that had to hurt.

That's him, dearie. His name's Toby.
Now you look familiar.

Hello, my name's Belladonna.
Toby Bruening. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
That's it! Are you related to Marsha?
Who is that?
Oh, that's Miss Fini. She's trying to find me a man.
I don't see her.
Just think of me as God. So, are you related to Marsha?
I am NOT related to that little freak.
But you are part of the Garden Club?
I am.
Alright. Just checking.

Okay, I'll be totally honest. Your muscles scare me.
You're kidding, right? Chauvinist! You will die a slow and painful death!
Uh, he will. When the feminists hear about him.
Okay, that voice is starting to creep me out.
Just continue, please.

What I was going to say was,
I can easily overlook that because you are so exquisite.
I'm not impressed. *whispers* Bella, ask him how much he has.
Really, what does it matter?
You wanna eat?

So if you don't mind me asking, how much money do you have?
Good girl.
Wow! I officially approve of the chauvinist. For now.

Awww, get down Digi!

I enjoyed the date. Is there a chance that we would see each other again?
Oh, I like him.
Don't forget about your daughter.
That's why I jumped in the energizer.

Now that Digitalis can talk, all I have to do is teach her how to potty, and then I can go back to a full night's sleep.
That usually takes a long time. Be prepared for at least another sleepless night.

You were saying?
Dang, you're fast.

And the 25-hour countdown begins.

Let's see, next day uneventful, let's skip to the good stuff.

It's almost over Bella, I promise.
Please. Zip it!

Another one that looks just like you.
A girl. I'll name her Avalon.
Not a tongue-twister. What's it mean?
It's where King Arthur now sleeps. Do you know Excalibur was forged there? It's a magical place.
I think you're full of it, but it's a pretty name.

Oh, what's this?
It is a note from myself to you. Do you like it?

I love it.
I'm keeping my mouth shut. If Puppy liked you jumping him, the chauvinist should too.

I probably should've told you this, but I'm pretty sure the house is haunted. The lights come on at all hours of the night, the other electronics are blaring downstairs when I haven't touched them, and I fear for you. You probably should leave before sunset.
That is physically impossible, Belladonna. Only the uneducated believe in such superstitions as ghosts.

Alright! It's about time already.

Congratulations Digitalis, you're going to be a big girl now!
And your mom and I will be there.
You're staying?
Of course I am staying.
Thank you so much.
Friends support each other in ways including attending the birthdays of their children. I would not miss it.

Oh dear, the sloppy mop is not gonna cut it. I'll change that later. For now, go look at your little sister.

Maybe you should be a dancer.
Or a magician. Are you doing that on your own, Digi?
Uh-huh. I don't know how I did it though.
Maybe a witch.

Would you like to say hello to Avalon?
Yes. Hi Avalon, I'm your big sister! When you grow up, we can play together and be friends and stuff.
May I be your friend, Digitalis?

No, you smell strange.
Are you sure you're not related to Marsha?
I am NOT related to that girl.
Technically, she's almost as old as you now.
I am still not related to her. *sigh* Why does God have to be a female?

Come on, Digi. Let's look up ways to get rid of the chauvinist. Flies sound interesting, don't they?

How do you like your new look, Digi!
I guess that means you like it.

How about you, Bella?
It's nice. At least the yellow scarf is gone.
Must you criticize everything I do?

Toby, there's something important I have to ask you.
What is it?
Bye Mommy. I'm going to school today!
Bye Digi.

And here's where I stopped for the week, which will explain the next picture.
Somewhere between me freezing them there and me re-opening the lot a month later, Bella got hypothermia. I know she's been out there a month, but only I should know that! Anyway, here I should explain my "whoopsie." Through extenuating circumstances, I thought I'd lost this entire week, but I just lost all my screenshots. So this blog entry is brought to you by the idiocy of The Sims 2 storytelling, which saved my butt. Okay, I'm done.

Toby Bruening, will you be my husband?
Well, I am not accustomed to a woman asking for a man's hand in marriage...
...but I will gladly accept.

Bye bye Bruening.

Old age is easier to arrange than flies. Have a drink. Welcome to the family.
Thank you ma'am.

Wait, why are you not cho-uh, I mean, why are you flexing your nonexistent muscles?
I feel quite refreshed, like I've lengthened my life!
What? But your aspiration meter's empty! Oh go outside, take in some scenery or something.

Toby Bruening (aka The Chauvinist)
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become Education Minister

Geez, could you look less happy?
Feeding a baby is not a task that brings me pleasure.
That poor girl's gonna have a complex because of you.

Hi Digi. Got homework, huh?
Yep. Is Mommy home? I want her to help me with it.
Yeah, let me find her.
Mommy, I need some help with my homework.
Oh, okay honey. Let's take a look at that.
And by George, I think she's got it!
Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
Actually it was, but I get it now.
Thank you Digi. She wouldn't have asked for help if it wasn't hard.

Whatever. Now it's time for your birthday, little one.
Yay! Happy birthday little sister!
Now make a wish!
Happy birthday Avalon Turner!
I'm still working on my picture taking skills. So we've got a whole different set of points here. 6 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful and 5 nice. A nice, well rounded kid.

A well rounded kid who's screaming her head off. Where's Bella?

We haven't had a chance to consummate our marriage as of yet, Belladonna.
Oh, we haven't? We'll just have to remedy that.
Um, Bella? Crying kid?
Will you please vacate the premises?
No! There's a neglected toddler at the other end of the hall!
I'll get to her in a minute, I promise.
Poor kid. She's really going to have a complex.

Bruening. I need you to clean up this mess while Bella takes care of her child.
Uh, it's rank in here.
Get over it. I need it cleaned up now.

Congratulations Bella! That's the hardest toddler skill to teach!
Where's Toby?
He's outside, cleaning up a mess in the side house.
Okay. Thanks. I guess Avalon's just really smart, like her father.
Oh, and by the way, you might want to call an exterminator. I think I saw some bugs around.

You don't even want to know what happened here, Carmen. Just get rid of the bugs and leave.

You're just speeding through the skills, aren't you?
Where's Toby?
Oh, he's just taking a nap.
Whew. Since I had today off from work, now would be the best time to train her. Are you sure he's okay?
Just fine. Have I lied to you yet?
Well, not that I know of.
Perfect! See, you can trust me.

Why won't you die? I mean, what's wrong Toby? Why isn't the trash cleaned up?
The lid is sealed shut.
There's a can outside.
The doors seem to be locked. Since you style yourself a god, you are able to open the doors, correct? I need to relieve myself quite badly.
Not with an attitude like that. Chauvinist. "Style myself a god", huh? He'll see "styling" soon enough.

Hi Digi! How was school today?
Okay, not really anything special.
School can be boring. Well, I gotta check on something, so you go on inside.

Serves you right.

Good job little one! That's all your skills! Now where's your mother?

Getting a taste of baby Bruening, I see.
Where's Toby?
Last I saw, he was putting on some hat. He looks fine to me.
Yep, perfectly fine.
Oh what's with you now?
Okay, maybe he's not so fine.
Well, that's not fine at all.
This is getting ridiculous. I think there's way more to this story than what I see.
I don't pay you to think. I pay you to dispose of the body. Hop to it.
Let me in there! Where's my husband?
Oh boy. Well, Bella, he was out here wearing this hat, and he kinda keeled over.
Nope, definitely not on the list.
Trust me Bella, you don't wanna go in there.

Not again! Can I not keep a husband? You had something to do with this. I know it.
You're being hysterical, Bella. Why would I kill off your husband? Sure I didn't like him, but you did.

Noodlesoother Hat again.
No, doesn't seem like they're being used anywhere else.
Well, she's crying on the other side of the door, so I don't think it was her.
It's trashed in this room too. It'll take forever to clean it out.
No clue. Last time I saw it so messy around a sim, it was death by flies.

But noooo! He wouldn't cooperate.
Oh her? Stonewalling me. Not much I can do.
Got it.
See ya tomorrow.
Okay, we're ready.

Bella? It's cold out here. You might want to go back to bed.
Ah, geez, please stop crying Bella.

Next time, baby Bruening! Bella stops crying! Avalon grows up! And whatever curveball this house throws me!

Random comment: It took me four days to kill him, and it wasn't flies, what I was shooting for. Tips anyone?