The Chauvinist died on Wednesday night, and Bella stopped talking to me at the same time, so we've some time before number four comes to meet his doom, but still a few interesting things happened.

I'd have asked Alan to narrate since he was wandering around and obviously had nothing better to do, but I need to brush up on my Ghostlish.
Therefore, this entry is brought to you by my second-favorite child, Digi Wilkie.
Hello Digi.
Hi. Why am I your second-favorite?
Because Frankie Wellington is my favorite. No offense to you.
But Frankie's a teen now, so wouldn't that make me your favorite?
She was my second-favorite for a reason. Alright, so you're now officially my favorite child. Keep in mind that you lose that status when you grow up.
So why don't you tell us some things that happened this week?
Sure. Our house is haunted. My real daddy, Avalon's real daddy, and Mr. Bruening-who's-not-related-to-Marsha. They're supposed to stay in the back yard though. They scared Mommy real bad before my little brother was born.

Mommy said it scared her into "bumping early." I dunno what that means.

I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but *whispers* She piddled on herself.

Mommy thought she was going to die. I was scared, so I stayed in my bed.

I thought your mother was going to die too. That would've sucked, cause you're not old enough.

Then it was my sister's birthday. I was glad cause now we can play together and be friends and stuff.
I wasn't happy when she started touching my bear though. It's mine. But was that selfish? Cause I don't want to be selfish; that's mean.

Awww, well, I'd understand if you weren't immediately happy to see her touching all the stuff that used to be yours.
But that's okay?
Mommy was getting big. I couldn't help but stare at her.
That's Avalon right there, all grown up like me.

She definitely has her father's facial features, with less of a nose. You do too, now that I think about it, except you have the cursed nose.
You shouldn't talk about my nose. That's not nice.
You're right. Then I won't say, "Tee-hee, Cassandra pigtails."
You just did!

Look, Mr. Bruening-who's-not-related-to-Marsha came out.
But I guess he was just hungry.

Okay Digi, hold on for me a sec.
Since she was asleep, and I don't want to traumatize her before she reaches teen, I'll show the birth of Bella's first son separately.

Bella, should I talk to you?
Fine, you won't be silent long.

Told ya.

I told you all I lost all my screenshots, right? Yeah. But you've seen one Nightshade baby, you've seen 'em all. Bella's first boy! His name is Tristan. Okay Digi, I'm coming back now.
Oh hello Avalon.
Hi. Who are you?
I'm Miss Fini. I'm a friend of your mom.
Oh, ok.
She's not listening. Once she starts reading, she can't hear you.
*sigh* So why don't you tell me about these pictures.
Uh, I guess I'll try.

Well, there's that guy, what's his name?
Chauvinist. But it doesn't really matter.

And who's that?
That's Digi's dad.
But where's my dad? And why's Digi's dad scaring Mom?
I guess he didn't come out today. And he sucks. Not your dad.

Hey look, your dad did come out!
Cool! Hi Daddy.

Wait, where'd the puppy come from?
Mommy got it. Didn't you hear?
Well, I guess he's no longer a puppy. I gotta go now. Mommy's home.
Hi Mommy!

Hi honey. Did the nanny take good care of you?
Yep, I think.
Digi, I need you to come back to Earth and help me narrate. Digi?

Why does Mommy have all those rings, Digi?
She has them because she gets married a lot.
If I get married a lot, I can have lots of pretty rings too?
Well, yeah, but, I don't know if you'll hate me for it. We'll see.

Come on Miss Fini! It's Tristan's birthday.

Aww, he was cuter last week. I can always change his hair though.
Before I forget, Tristan is an Aquarius with 2 neat, 3 outgoing, 2 active, maxed playful and nice. I must get him another active point. I hate slouchers.
What do YOU want? You can't even be dead quietly. And by the way, wrong birthday fool. Your daughter's birthday was six days ago.

I never thought of Bella as the poodle type. Actually, I never thought of her as the large dog type. But that is too cute.

Trying to teach him to walk? You're at a great disadvantage this time; no smart milk. If you'd just say something nice to me, I'd get you a new husband and we can put all this behind us.
Fine, be stubborn. At least you're actually caring for your kids. You have to admit that the chauvinist wasn't the best influence.
*sigh* You are stubborn. Wait a minute, when'd you go shopping?
You see Avalon, it's as simple as that.
Thanks Mommy, I get it now!
Of course. I'll do anything for you and your sister and brother.
Except talk to your benefactor.

Aww, that is cute. Bond, my children. You'll be all you have if my ghosts have their way.
I work hard all day, I come home and this crap is still sitting in here...
And I can't get promoted, and stuff keeps breaking...
Well, that comes with the territory.
Shut up!
Gotcha! You talked to me!
Grrr... Now is not a good time.

Guess what Miss Fini?
It's my birthday!
My, how time flies. I forgot you were older than Samuel.

Happy birthday big sis!
Happy birthday Digitalis.
Got a wish?
Uhhh, I know!
What is it?
If I tell you, it won't come true, so sorry, but I can't say.
Please let my wish come true.

Wow Avalon, you look overjoyed.
Yeah, now I can have her dress!
Did she just seriously say she's talking my dress?
Yeah, but don't worry, I won't let her. You have more important things to worry about.
I feel funny.
That's a five second age trasition. You'll understand right about...
I'm almost all grown up. This is so cool! If Avalon wants my old outfit she can have it. I'm going shopping!
Good idea. That green makes you look sickly.

Hold on! Let me get a picture.

Oh my God! I see Avalon's dad outside!
Digitalis, you ruined the picture. And Alan Turner has been dead for years.
Well, he decided to wake up tonight! He's right outside! Come and see!
There are no such thing as ghosts, Digitalis.
How can you say that, of all people? You almost died of fright before Tristan was born!

Maybe I shouldn't be spending this money. I know! I'll get a job.
So what are we getting?
I'm getting some clothes that are more me. You're staying out here.
But Digi...
I'm already fourteen years old. That's such a child's name. You can come up with another nickname while you wait.

I sure hope that doesn't mean she's gone goth on me. Or emo. Please not emo.
Looks like Tristan needs attention. Bella?
Digi? Avalon?
So the dog has some purpose after all. He really likes you, kid.
Hey, I can't get out of bed!

Wow, that's a new look alright!
I told you it was more me.
Now what are you doing?
Found a job. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, so no one has to die again.
Well, of anything other than old age.
Maybe... or maybe there's a way to live forever.
You might want to leave that kind of research to the natural scientists. You aren't a Knowledge Sim.

You remind me of Arthur's little sister.
Who's Arthur?
The TV show.
Oh yeah! You know, in a really abstract way, you do resemble her. In personality. Well, there's my new nickname for you.
D.W. I'm a genius.
Well, I guess I can live with that.
Good. You have no choice.

Next time, Bella might actually talk to me! Either way, I've got a surprise planned for you all. Stay tuned...