An Abrupt Ending

At first I was quietly working on getting ready to start a new round in Sundry Station, starting with my lovely Sarah Green and the ROW Challenge. Unfortunately, late on the night of Halloween, someone caused a sprinkler head to break off, causing at least 5000 gallons of water to flood my dorm. Luckily, my room was not affected. However, I didn't move back into my dorm until yesterday. While setting up my things, my computer, which was previously reliable, wouldn't start. Also, my warranty had run out, and HP decided to give a web address to get a number. Not very helpful if you can't even start your computer.
So after trying everything I could think of, I finally had to resort to System Recovery, not knowing that it would completely erase my hard drive. So I'm starting over with a fresh slate. No annoying problem of unlinking instead of deleting my CC files, but on the other side of the coin... no files. All my work is absolutely obliterated. I'm working on restoring my music files at the moment. I've re-installed the base game, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do from there. This was all to let you know that Wellington Women, As Long As We Both Shall Live, Sundry Station Asylum, and Prosperity Park have come to an abrupt halt and I've lost about 6 months of hard work. We will all miss Belladonna, her children and her continual search for her one true love...that wouldn't die.

Edit: I was messing around in CAS last month and what do you know: somehow I managed to recreate Belladonna! She will be returning, but at an unspecified date. (written 2/28/08)